Are you an actor whose first language is English, but you need to learn a new dialect (Standard American or New York) for a role? You’ve come to the right place!

Standard American Accent:

Not American, but you want to learn a Standard (a.k.a. neutral or non-regional) American accent? Are you an actor who wants to push yourself to the next level and land roles that require your American accent to be spot-on? Ilana Shydlo of Accent Eraser can help you. She’s an experienced accent coach who’s worked with actors and singers. You can expect effective lessons that are custom-tailored to fit your needs and interests that will lead you to meeting your accent goals.

New York Accent:

If you yearn to sound like the Bern, you’re cravin’ to sound like Larry David, and you can’t stand to talk in a way that’s not like Christopher Walken, then you could benefit from New York accent lessons! Whether you’re an actor who needs to learn the New York accent for a role, or you’re a transplant to New York and you want to sound like your neighbors, Ilana Shydlo (a resident of Brooklyn herself) can help you learn the ins and outs and New York pronunciation, vocabulary, and unique manner of speaking.

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